Our Vision & Philosophy

MindWorks Ottawa offers a warm and nurturing environment which allows you to freely come and explore your concerns in a professional setting of acceptance. The focus is on achieving and maintaining optimal health and well-being throughout the life journey. Drawing on various traditions, expertise, and modalities to address the needs of our highly valued and unique clients; we are a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals aiming to improve the overall quality of mind-health. As we adopt a client-centered, holistic model of health, we carefully partner with our clients in an empowering setting of integrity.

Your concerns are dealt with in a sensitive and timely manner which allows for increasing clarity to be discovered. Our professional team is dedicated to helping you achieve personal growth.

We have chosen an unresolved rubic’s cube as the symbol of our philosophy, for it can be interpreted as depicting confusion and chaos. At a time when our life is out of sync, we attempt sometimes unsuccessfully to pull all of the pieces together. However, if this is beyond our personal capabilities, life and relationships feel headed in the wrong direction. When our life is out of balance much like an unsolved rubic’s cube, it can appear complex and scattered. Often times a slight realignment of the pieces will solve the rubic’s cube, just as in life when issues are dealt with, we see everything fitting together. With the guidance of an experienced counsellor, we can make a move, perhaps just a subtle shift and things start to fall into place, or at the very least the direction may become clearer. Solving the puzzle – finding a solution – it is the foundation of our practice.